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From: Jenn .
Subject: Harmony & MelodyThis story is based upon a true story (my life) with a whole lot of fiction
thrown in. This story depicts the often sexual relationship between two
young sisters. If this offends girls under age funlumpkinsing under age pussy bbs you or your not of legal age then do not read
this story. All names places and events have been changed. All feedback is
welcome and I hope you enjoy my story!! Harmony & Melody
Chapter under age preten models
By: Jenn Harmony hugged nudist under age 15 her sister and held her gently yet firmly to her body as
Melody embraced her back just as tightly. The feel of her sister's warm soft
skin pressed against her own sent sparks and tingles throughout her whole
body. The thought of what they were doing and what she felt mesmerized her
even though she knew it was wrong.
"Are we going to take a shower or just stand here hugging?" laughed Mel as
she leaned back to smile up at her sister.
"Oh my nudist under age 15 God, I'm so sorry!" Harmony said nervously as she quickly pulled
away from her sister and blushed fiercely.
"Sorry for what?" asked Melody as she slid around her sister to get under
the water.
"For hugging you like that... I mean we're both naked." said Harmony
softly, still trying to fight off her embarrassment as she picked up under age sex the
shampoo bottle and began to wash her hair.
"Oh." Mel giggled, her cheeks turned a bright red and not from the hot
water of the shower. "We're sisters silly. We are allowed to do things like
that right? I mean it was nice though, wasn't it?" She reached over and took
the shampoo bottle from her sister, then pointed the shower head down so
that she could wash her hair.
"Yeah I guess we can. I don't know why we can't. It did feel nice..."
Harmony said softly as she began to wash herself. Her mind drifted, thinking
about her feelings reguarding her sister and if she should tell her about
her little secret. How would she react, she thought to herself, would she
reject me? Harmony jumped as she felt a flick against her bare stomach.
"Harmony! I said, I need back there! I need to wash up too ya know!" Mel
said a bit irritated by her sisters constant daydreaming.
"Sorry Mel... I just have a lot on my mind." said Harmony as shuffled past
her sister, trading places with her under the warm spray of water from the
shower nozzle.
"Like what?" asked Melody while she began to wash up.
"Just stuff Mel. Don't worry about it." Harmony said as she rinsed her hair
out, and pedo pussy under age made sure to keep her back to her sister.
"Come on Har, I'm not that stupid. I know something is troubling you. I
know you better than you think." Mel said more under age photographer
than a little forcefully
wanting to know what was bothering her sister.
"Mel... If I tell you, you have to swear to never tell anyone. I mean it or
I won't tell you." Harmony demanded as she turned to face her sister,
looking down at her with a under age bbs
look of set detemination even though her eyes
gave away her fear.
"Ok... I swear it. I swear I won't tell another soul ever." Melody said as
she looked up at her sister trying to read her face and saw her fear, which
mel became very worried about.
"Mel... I um... under age schoolgirl I... I'm gay... I'm a lesbian... at least I think I am."
Harmony said softly as she looked down at her sister with eyes on the verge
of tears, scared of how she might react.
"Seriously? Have you always been?" Mel asked under age teens nudes
quickly bombarding her with
question after question, "I mean are you sure? How do you know? Whats it
like? Have you ever been with another girl? Never mind I don't want to know
that." Each question asked as fast as she could finish the last. Melody was
amazed at how curious and excited she was about her sisters lifestyle. She
had to bite her tounge, albet softly, to keep from asking a million
"Uh... yeah... I'm serious. Yes, well at least I think I so. Yes, I'm sure.
I... I just do, it's hard to explain. It's... asian under age teens
I don't know, it's like
nothing. I mean I'm no different than I have ever been. Being gay doesn't
change who I am, I just like girls instead of guys. No I galleries under age porn haven't. I've never
even kissed another girl before." Harmony answered each question in order
and in shock. She never would have thought her sister would respond like
"That is so cool! Are there any girls you like at school?" Mel asked as
soon as her sister finished answering her previous questions.
"Girls! Your going to be late! Get your butts down here and now!" yelled
Miranda from downstairs.
"Oh crap! We can talk about this later." said Harmony as she finished
rinsing off. She turned and scooted to the back letting Mel take her place
as she slipped out of the shower to dry off. Mel hurried up and rinsed off,
turning the water off and stepping outside to dry off with her sister.
Harmony did a rush job at drying off, leaving her body mostly dry and her
hair still very wet as she took off for her room to change. Mel wasn't very
far behind deciding to go with the same style as her big sis. Minutes later
they were both changed and running down the stairs for the door. "It's about
time girls! Running late on your first day." Miranda said shaking her head
at the girls as she stood petite under age girls by the front door.
"Sorry mom!" the girls called out together as they ran up and gave their
mom a hug and kiss. They grabbed their packs and were out the door and in
Harmony's Honda Civic in a flash. By the time they got to school and found a
parking space there were only minutes to spare. The girls split up in the
halls and made it to their classes just as the bell rang.
The day went realitively fast for both girls. Since it was the first day of
school it was easy and safe for them to daydream. Harmony about how good her
sisters warm soft body felt against hers, and Melody about what she wanted
to ask her sister about being a lesbian. With each passing minute Harmony
seemed to get more and more sexual excited
. Her nipples became hard and sencitive, her sex growing hot and moist. She
could barely contain herself, hoping no one would notice her figiting around
in her seat.
Melody couldn't concentrate either, her mind wandering, wondering what it
would be like young under aged pussy to be a lesbian. What would another girl feel and taste like,
she wondered, would it be like kissing a guy? She found herself growing
excited at the thought of kissing another girl and that scared her a little,
but her curiousity and excitement got the better of her. She resolved to
interrogate her sister nn girls under age throughly when they got home.
When the last bell rang signaling the students it's time to leave Harmony
wanted to scream from her sexual frustration. She was as hot and bothered as
she had ever been, and the fact that it was her sister that made her feel
this way was making it even worse. She knew exactly what she was going to do
the second she got home. If I can make it home first, she thought, as she
rushed to her car and started it up. under age slut trailers Mel was right behind her running out to
the car and hopped in. On their way home Harmony was trying to set a new
time record on how quick she could make it home and Melody was so anxious
she was practically bouncing in her seat. Harmony threw the car in park,
turned it off, and was out running up the front steps before the car even
came to a complete stop. Melody was just as quick and was on her sisters
heels as the entered the house which was empty untill their mom got home at
6pm, leaving under age porno videos them two and a half hours alone. "So who was it you like in
school? Why do you like other girls? What about them do you like?" Mel asked
in rush as the got inside the house.
"Not now Mel, I got stuff I got to do." Harmony said almost yelled, as she
started up the stairs heading for her room.
"Oh no you don't!" Mel demanded as she ran up the steps after her sister.
She reached out and grabbed Har's foot just as she reached the top step,
which sent Harmony realing to fall flat on her front. Wasting no time Mel
was on top of her holding her down by straddling Har's butt.
"Get off!" under age teens nudes
Harmony yelled as she tried to wiggle free of her sister.
"I'm not budging untill you tell me everything!" Melody demanded of her
older sister as she poked her in the sides and back.
"What damn it!" Harmony yelled pleadingly and she stopped struggling.
"What girl or girls in school do you like?" asked Mel softly as she stopped
poking Harmony.
"Sara little girl under age Chambers, Stacey Banks, and Lilly Wong, ok? Now can I get up?" Har
said quietly.
"And you've never kissed a girl, right? Melody asked slowly.
"No I haven't." Harmony replied as she looked down the hall to her doorway.
So close, she thought.
"Want to kiss me?" Mel squeeked out in shock, hardly able to believe she
actually asked. She sat there waiting for a responce yet her sister said
nothing and after a several long seconds she leaned down trying to look Har
in the fast. "Harmony?"
"I... Yes, I would. pedo pussy under age But why would you ask me?" Har under age baby porn asked in astonishment,
as she turned to head to try and look back at her younger sister.
"Because I want to know what it's like... You seem to really want to, and
I've kissed guys before. I want to see what the difference is." Melody said
slowly and quietly. Unsure if what she was asking was ok and a little scared
her Har might change her mind and say no.
"Ok... but you need to get off me first, and lets go into my room." Harmony
said excitedly. She quickly got up as her sister moved off her and hurried
into her room to have a seat on the bed patting her lap for Mel to have a
seat. Melody followed right behind her and sat sideways in her Har's lap so
that they could kiss. "Are you sure you want to do this Mel?"
"Yes..." Mel said after a pause. She slowly moved in illegal under age and closed her eyes,
as Har did the same. Their lips met ever so softly, tenderly caressing the
warm lush felsh under aged girls xxx of each others lips. Sparks flew as the under age schoolgirls girl's lips touched,
lovingly they kissed as Har slipped her arm around Mel's waist. Melody
followed suit and wrapped her arm around Harmony's back. Her left hand found
Har's and let their finger's meshed together. They sat there completely
absorbed in what they were doing. Lips and tounges moved in a delicate
loving dance......(CONTINUED).....

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